Is PCOS the Reason for My ADHD?

When I was growing up I went to a school very similar to charter schools today. I was athletic and played in the school band. I did my best to keep up with my homework and always studied for tests. I had a lot of homework, and would say I started to struggle in seventh grade. My school did have me go through some special testing in middle school. But, I’m afraid I don’t even know what the testing was for nor do I know anything about the results. Middle school is an awkward time for most kids, hormonally and academically. I did what I could in school, but there was always some heartache over it.

I do remember a bit of a “cry for help” took place in my sophomore year. I had a really great history teacher. I enjoyed her class, but she had quizzes almost daily. I was so upset after a quiz that I walked out of school that morning. My high school was in the downtown of my city. It wasn’t a good idea for me to be walking around that part of the city. My brother’s office was a few blocks away, and I went there for him to give me some comfort. Comfort isn’t big in my family though. But, he helped as best as he could. I remember going to the school office with my brother when he took me back. I saw the band teacher walking down the hall with an awful look on her face. She had to walk to the office to turn in an absent slip since I wasn’t in class. I’m afraid I gave up a little bit on school after that day.

When I moved to Boston to be with the man I wanted to marry in my late twenties, he was going through a clinical trial and testing on ADD/ADHD. He gave me two books to read about it. I was in shock over what I had read about ADHD, and I was just sure that was something I had, and pretty severely. After I was married at thirty we moved to Colorado. Life slowed down some. But, since I’ve been in my forties I have felt like ADHD has become more of a problem.  I still have never been on a medication for anything. But, I am finally going to do some real testing, and I just might try a medication. So stay tuned.

The reason there is a link between PCOS and ADHD is because of the androgen relation in both. I am going to run a survey on this subject through the PCOS Coaching Facebook page and website soon. There are several different issues that are related to your PCOS. This is just one of them.

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